Visible Green Charger from Dexim [CES 2010]

One of the banes of using too many gadgets is the unnecessary usage of electricity or energy when the devices or gadgets are in standby mode. Most people forget to switch off the gadgets, or they may have justifiable reasons to not switch them off.

In any case, there is an unnecessary draining of energy, which results in unreasonable consumption of electrical energy. The Visible Green Charger helps you to literally see when the energy is being wasted, and when you could stop letting energy being drained out unnecessarily.

The green device was announced at the CES 2011, in Las Vegas and proved to be one of the most eco-friendly gadgets announced so far at the consumer exhibition. The Visible Green Charger has been particularly designed for iPhones ad iPods, and it can help you save up to 85% of energy when your device is in standby mode. The Dexim Visible Green Smart Charger comes with a unique “automatic shut-off” feature which intelligently stops the power flow once the iPhone/iPod battery is charged completely.

Moreover, it also understand the charge level in your battery and uses only teh necessary amount of energy, while displaying the current flowing speed of energy in the form of light. Thanks to the EL lights, you would be able to see for yourself how fast the device is charging and how much energy has been saved. Up to the level of 65% charge, the light flows fast through the cord. Once the battery is charged 65% it flows slower.

Once the battery has charged till 85%, the light simply switches off and you do not even have to unplug your devices. The Dexim Visible Green Smart Charger not only saves energy, but also makes sure that you rest in peace without worrying about rising electricity bills and accidental voltage fluctuations. This is perhaps one of the best ways to charge an iPhone or an iPod. You could also take a look at other iPhone chargers like the Icon Power Pack and the Inductive Charger announced by Energizer.