Ikea Hack: Liatorp Train Coffee Table

Anybody who’s buying furniture for university will inevitably end up at IKEA and leave with a 20$ desk, a headache and a false sense of having learnt some Swedish. I practically know the entire catalog off by heart and can tell you which line will best suit a poorly lit room roughly the size of a closet (Hemnes and Malm were made for students). IKEA is great, it’s the decorating equivalent of paint by number. In addition to that, assembling the furniture is fun, it’s like LEGO for adults and the end result has practical use. The only conceivable downfall of IKEA furtinrue is the realization that you’re not a genius for discovering it. You walk into a strangers living room and you’ll see the exact same cow hide rug and then while you’re waiting at your dentist’s office you’ll notice the LACK side-table you thought would be perfect for your bedroom.

IKEA furniture is great, but it’s everywhere. So it came as a pleasant discovery to find that there is an entire website that brought together people who modified their IKEA furniture.

Train Coffee Table

Here’s a clever Liatorp coffee table hack made by Jaxan from Sacramento California. The biggest problem for a lot of train collectors is the unavailability of space. You want to put your set-up somewhere for people to see without it being too obstructing. This hack solves this problem by putting the track inside the drawer of a glass covered table.

He modified the original table by painting in black, replacing the knob on the drawer, removing the “cross” that separated the drawer into four compartments and finished it by putting a new wooden board for the bottom.

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Via: IKEA Hackers