Binary Chairs for the Binary World

The Binary Table 01 is well in place. To complement this table, designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs has now come up with Binary Chairs 01 and 02.

Similar to the table, these two chairs are also completely constructed from repurposed computer hardware. The understructure for both chairs is prepared from outdated industrial printers. These were disassembles and riveted together to bring about the proper form. The chair surfaces are a culmination of motherboards, computer chips, LED screens, and hard drive disks. They are all held together with the help of sheet metal screws.

As these chairs are constituted of repurposed computer elements they carry with them a whole lot of elements like drives, buttons, antenna etc. This brings about an interactive feature making the entire construction much more interesting. The antenna at the back can be extended to its full length as well as adjusted, the discs rotate, the buttons click and the sliders slide. The chairs give you a lot of ease to tinker around when you are seated on them.

The basic idea behind both chairs 01 and 02 are the same but the design varies. Binary chair 01 is more like a comfortable arm chair which gives you all the coziness of sinking into it. There is a main frame created within which the seating component is placed. There is a cushioned seat as well as a back. The seat cushions are made from computer ribbon cables. The cables have been weaved together to bring about a checkered effect. Behind the back cushion lies a glass panel. This glass panel gives a clear view of the inside of the chair.


Binary chair 02 is like a basic chair with no arms. The legs are computer towers which are covered with a patchwork of circuit boards and other hardware material. The same collage work can be seen on the back as well. To complement this mix and match pattern is the seat that is made up of Ethernet cables. These cables have been weaved in a random fashion in order to make them go with the random design of the chair. Wire clamps have been used on the seat sides to hold the wires in place. The various colors on the seat do make an attractive piece.

The Binary chairs 01 and 02 are part of the Binary series of BRC Designs. They, possibly, are just the beginning of this ‘art’ form with many more waiting in the pipeline.

Though only a select few people will find it interesting, it is definitely a great piece of work. You may also check out Hi Tech Convertible Furniture and Tron Furniture.

Via: Core 77