Amazing LEGO Inspired Kitchen Blends Nostalgia with Beauty

If you, like me, thought your LEGO fascination ended at childhood, think again. There is hope.

Designers have been seeking new ways to apply different methods of expression. Nowadays, we can see designers try new things from molding shapes to become sleeker, to using new kinds of textures on furniture. Black granite counter tops, marble floors, and many other ideas have been recognized in the kitchen, but all this often lacks a vibrant feel. Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti decided to try incorporating color into the kitchen.

Munchausen Lego Kitchen

Based on an IKEA counter, the two designers used 20,000 LEGO blocks and created a LEGO-themed kitchen. It’s surprising how colorful and vibrant these blocks can make something like an ordinary counter top feel. From being an obstruction, to becoming the centerpiece and focal point of the room, this counter certain welcomes the warmth and fun that we crave in the heart of the home.

Munchausen Lego Kitchen

It’s interesting, and rather important to see that these aren’t all rectangular pieces they used. Rather, they created a very unique counter by using not only the same one-sized block, but flatter and smaller pieces and combining them with the bigger, more sizable pieces.

As an avid LEGO fan, that’s definitely not easy and seems to have been rather tedious, so I can say with certainty that I respect their work and the sorting they must have gone through to make all that work. I’m pretty sure they didn’t put too much effort into revising their work though, and I can appreciate that too, as the random spontaneity came through and is actually rather nice to look at.

Munchausen Lego Kitchen

The two designers, who have combined to form a group known as Munchausen, used LEGO-themed rigid-looking chairs, as well as incorporating a LEGO character’s head as a cookie jar. Although I think the white looks decent with the LEGO counter, I am almost certain that black would look much more modern and a lot more awesome.

I’m no interior designer, but I think that if you’re looking to add a little bit of color into your kitchen, you might want to consider LEGO. You certainly don’t have to deck out your entire counter, although it can look great. Rather, just throw in a colorful squared sculpture or something of the sort. Be creative, as you never know what has the potential to look great.

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Via: Inhabitat