Immersis, or a shared virtual reality experience

The company Catopsys has a new trick under it’s sleeve, and it’s called Immersis. With it they plan to enter the virtual reality race and take everyone head on.

Immersis 1

Ever since the Oculus Rift became mainstream (well, sort of), companies started making great strides in the field of virtual reality as no one wanted to be left behind: there were Samsung with the Gear VR, or Sony with Project Morpheus, for example. Yet, all of these ideas were based around the same premise: a headset a user can put on to enjoy an individual experience.

This is the idea Catopsys wanted to challenge – the French-American company switched the concept around, and created a projector with a fisheye lens that can immerse (hence its name) the users inside a virtual reality world of their choosing. If it sounds similar to Microsoft’s Illumiroom, it’s because the idea is basically the same: to project a world around us, and turn the walls into our “headset”.

As of now, Immersis can currently be used with all kind of computers, but not cellphones or video game consoles (consoles use proprietary formats and codecs). It’s capable of a 1920×1080 resolution, with a 180º horizontal field of view and 120º vertical. It can connect via both HDMI and DVI, and comes with an SDK so users can create and adapt material to this platform.

Immersis 2

Catopsys are currently trying to crowdfund Immersis via Kickstarter, and although they’ve already reached the initial goal, there are still many interesting stretch goals that might be worth researching for tech geeks. The first few Immersis sets will come out in October.

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