Awesome Carbon Fiber Imperial Stormtrooper Suits

A team of engineers recently designed for themselves four awesome carbon fiber Imperial Stormtrooper suits that make any costume fan cry for joy.

carbon fiber stormtrooper suits

Carbon Fiber enthusiast website, Carbonfibergear, tells us that an engineer working as a technician at San Diego Composites was toying with the idea of using his skills to make stormtrooper gear for quite some time before rallying three friends to join the project.

Carbon Fiber materials, and just getting the project off the ground took some serious financial considerations. In order to create the suits, the team went for Grade A materials from a local supplier, and were thankfully able to have some of the materials donated to their cause from their employer.

Even better, their employer was so impressed with the concept and the work they wanted to do, that it decided to support them throughout the project. Not only did they provide materials, but put part of the project on the company budget and eventually has plans to have a full carbon fiber suit on display at the lobby of its head office.

carbon fiber stormtrooper helmet

After the four suits were completed the team was able to tally up the costs of the materials, time and labour and it was no small sum. While they haven’t disclosed the actual amount, they hinted that it was something akin to owning a luxury automobile. Just think: that’s a heck of a lot of sports cars that the emperor had to pass over in order to gear up his massive stormtrooper armies.

Unfortunately, at the present, even if you had a handy fortune lying around and were looking to join the rather exclusive club of owning one of these suits, you’re currently out of luck. Each of the four suits were custom made for the owners, and their four completely different frames.

carbon fiber stormtrooper costumes

All in all, these suits are awesome. Considering that the guys have the proper sidearms to go with the suits, I think they have what it takes to put any costume party to shame, or at very least, rock the dance floor harder than anyone has ever done.

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