Stormtroopers are College Basketball Fans

Imperial Stormtroopers, as the web is constantly showing us, have lives outside of their jobs on various death stars and hunting for rebels on distant solar systems.

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Well, I guess joining the Cameron Crazies at the Cameron Indoor Stadium is another activity that On-Leave Stormtroopers like to take part of. Heading over to Durham, North Carolina, to watch the Davidson vs Duke game, an 82-69 win for Duke, Mike Kryzewski’s 904th career win.

Despite all of the above, the coolest image from this game was the fan dressed as a Stormtrooper, as Star Wars Cosplay always tends to be, even among rabid college basketball fans.

Of course, Duke ain’t the only sports Program to enjoy Stormtroopers love. Like this Cincinatii Bengals fan, going in the rare all-orange uniform.

And we’ll finish with another college team that has its Stormtrooper-type fans, like this pretty cool Tennessee Vols uniform (above).

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