8 Bit Pixel Cube Lets You Make Your Own Geeky Pixel Art

All geeks can appreciate a good piece of 8-bit retro art, but it sometimes is difficult to effectively build your own 3D model of a character.  The 8 Bit Pixel Cube changes that.  These vibrant, magnetic blocks allow you to easily recreate the Galaga ship, Link’s Master Sword, 8-Bit Mario, or any other piece of geek culture you would like to bring to life!  The 8-Bit Pixel Cube has 64 tiny magnetic cubes, it is 8 cubes by 8 cubes, and only costs $35.  The product page shows creations such as  Mega Man, the iconic mushroom, and more!  They also make great ammo if you’re looking to chuck some solid little pieces of plastic at your co-workers.  Expensive, but solid impact.  *Thunk*  SUNK YOUR CRUISER, NOOB!  “Ow!”

8-bit pixel cube

Even if you’re not looking to make something specific, the 8-Bit Pixel Cube is fun to play around with, and is great for building skyscrapers and then pretending to be Godzilla.  It’s also great for building giant skyscrapers, leaving the pieces out, and then having your domestic pet eat some of them.  If you can’t put it back into a 8 by 8 cube, your life is over, because your strong tendencies to perfection have become the bane of your existence.  “Sooo deeeep…”

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a humorous site that likes to rant about geeky products.