Imperial Tie Fighter Replica Looks Almost Too Real

It isn’t easy being one of the Galactic Empire’s deadliest ships these days, but this Imperial Tie Figher Replica makes it worthwhile. The replica is straight out of Star Wars Episode IV, and it is actually a screen-used model during the making of A New Hope. If you’re curious, it comes with a numbered plaque as well as a certificate of authenticity.

As you might expect, such a replica doesn’t come cheap! The Tie Fighter clocks in at $999.99, so you’d have to be not only a serious Star Wars fan, but one who has deep pockets, too. Still, the model uses a number of different reference resources, with over 90 percent of the model kit parts being the same as those used on the original model. The creator did a digital scan of a TIE model from the Lucasfilm archives in order to verify the dimensions and build any parts that could not be found or identified from scratch. So while it might come with a high price tag, there was obviously a lot of work that went into this as well. If you’re eager to burn a galactic hole in your pocket, you have a while yet to wait. The TIE fighter replica won’t be conquering the galaxy in March 2011.

The original TIE fighter that was used also matches the colors of the replica, so that’s about as close to the genuine article as you can get. Of course, there are plenty of other Star Wars gear here on Walyou, too. You can dress up as a TIE fighter for the upcoming holiday, for example. Alternatively, you can hop on board with the Charlie Brown Tie Fighter, too. The Peanuts gang apparently also knows how to conquer the galaxy, although I think they’re still lacking a Hyperdrive.