Say What?! Angry Birds Magnets For Your Fridge

Anyone who owns a phone that uses Apple iOS, Android or Symbian^3 OS has probably heard of the latest game craze known as Angry Birds. Now you can enjoy these birds all the time.

angry birds magnet

Designer river01 has designed a set of six different birds from the popular game and made them into fridge magnets. While the item is currently sold out on the Etsy page, it was going for $6 for all of the magnets. The set features the standard red bird, the wrecking ball blackbird, the dividing bluebird, bombardier white bird, boomerang green bird and long range yellow bird.

angry birds black green white

angry birds red blue yellow

The magnets measure anywhere between 1.0cm~3.5cm in height and can be used for any white board or surface which it can stick (refrigerator meat-safe). The designs are very true to the game and with a variety of shapes and colors will be a nice addition to your refrigerator. While the item is sold out, the designer will create any any character using the artwork from a game of your choosing. Though it appears that the cute background is made by some one else, it also looks like it might have been shipped together with the birds. If not, it appears to be produced by Geek Magnets and designed by gameclubretro.

While the magnets are sold out, it is still a cute idea and would not be too hard to do at home provided that you have the equipment. If not, then it might not hurt to contact river01 and ask for a reprint of these cute and very popular magnet. Even if you have never played the game, it would be a great addition to the fridge magnet family.

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angry birds magnet 2

angry birds set

Via: [Hardware Sphere and Etsy]