Incredible Alien Chestburster Cake

Some cakes are too geeky and good to eat, like this absolutely perfect Alien (the film series, OK?) cake.

The cake, made by Custom Cake Design, based in Perth, Australia, was made for a huge Alien fan, ordered by his partner, wanting to “one up” on him after making a big fuss of his birthday previously this year, wanting to outdo him. The birthday boy went ga-ga over the cake and refused to eat the Alien.

Alien Chestburster Back View

According to Dianne, the person behind this genius creation, the cake was made as a 8 inch/20cm diameter bottom tier with a 6 inch/15cm diameter top tier, and the cake itself is a chocolate mud cake with a chocolate fudge filling and is covered in fondant with fondant decorations.

Alien Chestburster Face Hugger Side

The face hugger from the movie was added to the top tier, and the bottom tier was inspired by the “skin” surface of the full grown Aliens. The Alien Chestburster is made from Rice Krispie Treats, chocolate and fondant and stood approx 15cm high. It was airbrushed,and then finished off by dripping red food dye over him to resemble blood.

Alien Chestburster Side View 1

Even if you’re not a huge Alien fan, it’s hard to ignore the awesomeness of this cake, which is probably pretty tasty too. For more of these wonderful designs, geek-related and not, check out their website, with some Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and more creations pushing the boundaries of gastronomical excellence and beauty.

Alien Chestburster Side View 2

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