First Level of Indie Game Fez Reconstructed with LEGO Bricks

Fez is one of the most popular indie games out there, most notably famous for its novelty-filled concept, but also for how long the fans had to wait for its release. One of the fans liked it so much that it reconstructed an entire level, using only LEGO bricks.

The game was announced by the independent software developers Polytron Corporation back in 2007. However, it was launched almost five years later, in April 2012, and then only on Xbox 360. More recently, it was featured in Indie Game: The Movie, a flick that should be watched by everyone, not only gamers. The development stages and the reasons why it was delayed so much are explained in the movie. The ones who love the concept of the game, but want to play it on other devices than the Xbox, will be happy to learn that the Polytron Corporation is considering releasing Fez on more platforms in 2013.

The Fez level in question was created by Sean Foreman, who is not only an indie game enthusiast, but also a LEGO one. The most impressive part is that Foreman didn’t talk about the design of Fez’s first level with the developers of the game. Instead, he watched videos and pictures of the game, and then proceeded to reproducing it with LEGO bricks. A walkthrough video and a picture of the level offered him plenty of details for recreating all of the building, except for an island. In order to build that particular element, Foreman had to play the game, to see exactly how that is positioned.

Sean Foreman admits that creating this Fez level with LEGO bricks was quite challenging, as he had to hide some parts. As far as the particular bricks go, he explains that he had bought the green ones about a year ago, and up until using them for the Fez level, he thought they are rather ugly. Eventually, they turned up to be perfect for this task. Another challenge was putting the sticks on such a way that the islands sit straight when attached. In order to achieve that, he forced down the sticks at an angle, by attaching bricks to them on the inside of the tower. The windmill was also tricky, but Foreman found a way to implement it correctly. All in all, this is an impressive project, especially considering where the inspiration came from.

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