Turn Your Apartment into a Playground With a Modern Slide

If you ever find yourself in a position of owning two separate New York City apartments, one on top of the other, then consider breaking the ceiling and connecting the two with a slide. The result? You have yourself an ultra-chic and weeee inducing duplex apartment.

Please Evacuate The Bottom Of The Slide

Stairs Are For Squares

As you can see from these pictures, this is exactly what one New York City family has done. The half-tube slide goes from the top floor to the bottom and looks like it’s made out of a giant metal air-duct sawed in half. Next to the opening of the slide are two panes of glass to prevent you from taking an even quicker plunge to the main floor.

Not Just For Kids

I’d be curious to know if this family has any kids or just an eccentric taste in home architecture. The apartment is extremely nice otherwise. It’s about as white and sparkly as Magneto’s plastic prison which is really highlighted by the tall windows. They have a really cool Scandinavian accent lamp next to the dining room table and modern wooden chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames, major contributors to modern architecture and furniture.

You Know This Plastic Prison Of Yours Won’t Hold Me Forever

All in all, the space is really cool, the slide is really cool, and the whole thing just kinda looks like the future. It’s the sort of place I imagine Steve Jobs might live in, or any Google employee, and they’d walk around in their white pajamas, drink champagne and raise their glasses and toast to celebrate human invention. Yea. That’s how I feel about the place.

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Via: Toxel