Architecture Slides Down into Healthier Alternatives

Slides are starting to make their way into building designs, incorporated along with stairs, escalators, and elevators.

Remember those slides you used to have so much fun on in the playground? I sure do. In fact, I remember all types of fearsome slides. As a tyke, I was pretty intimidated by slides that were over two storeys high, but always loved the thrill of going down one of these gravity-powered thrill rides. Water slides were exceptionally fun.

Corus Slide in Toronto

Although not loaded with water, slides have slowly made their way into the working world. Serving as a faster and funner alternative to stairs, and a more ventilated option than elevators, slides are definitely a new fun and fresh idea. I’m not sure how well this would work on a mass scale, especially with some buildings having hundreds of floors, but they seem to work well at art galleries and institutions were buildings are not as densely populated. I’m proud to say that Toronto, my hometown, has been amongst one of the cities to adopt a slide-occupied building.

Technische Universität München Slides

These twin slides can be found at Technische Universität München in Germany. I love how a learning institution has implemented this method of escalation, as the borderline youth can definitely derive a good amount of joy from these slides. I like how the slide has a long rotation at the bottom, which means when hitting the lowest point the user can still slide for a while before hitting the ground. It’s a gradual transition, which makes it safe and less obvious that one is enjoying oneself from such a childish activity.

I like the slides in buildings for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s much more appealing than a set of stairs and yet feasible enough to save energy on elevators. It’s also more well-ventilated, meaning germs probably won’t spread as easily through the air or on buttons. That said, the slide itself would probably have to be cleaned regularly, and I can’t imagine that being an easy task.

Also, I think slides inject that bit of fun that everyone needs. I’m sure many people can remember having a slide in their childhood, and it’s a common experience that people can share and have bring a smile to their face.

The slides also fit into postmodern architecture quite well. They do stand out quite a bit, but at the same time they aren’t totally unbearable.

Slides are a fast alternative to stairs and elevators. If you don’t believe it, have a look for yourself how fast the cameraman slides down.

If you like slides in buildings, have a look at the rocking wheel chair and this funky lampshade design.

Via: Treehugger