Twitter + Beer = One Rad Infographic Tool

What do you get when you cross beer with Twitter? One really cool infographic wizard that will design your own customized infographic within seconds.

Brought to you by the folks at Amstel Light in conjunction with data visualization fiends at, this tool grabs all of your Twitter info to create a specialized infographic depicting the Complex Tale of You according to your Tweets and related activity.

Give it a shot, create an infographic now.

This infographic creation tool is just one of many that has and is in the process of creating for various clients. While they have their standard, free Facebook and Twitter infographic tools, a company can have their own customized one built. This is a great tool for outreach and overall branding, although is perhaps limited by the fact that it seems to be available only for those users who feel comfortable connecting their social accounts to create a free infographic.

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