Ing-Q Electric Vehicle Resembles Pod

We can expect the way we travel to change drastically in the near future, and that could actually cause a revolution of sorts in the field of transportation.

Designers have been working day and night to create concepts that would appeal to major auto companies so that there could be a sort of automotive revolution which would lead to an efficient, clean, and personal yet public transportation system. The latest in the category is the pretty Ing-Q, which has been designed by Xiaowu Huang aged 23.

He is a young student at the Wuhan University of Technology, studying in Automotive Support Engineering. The idea was to create and conceptualize a modular vehicle which would not occupy a lot of space, but would double up as a pod for the person who travels in it. With almost zero emissions, a clean and chic design and a comfortable interior, the Ing-Q promises a lot more than one could imagine.

It is an urban vehicle concept that acknowledges the difficulties of driving in crowded lanes. Thus the Ing-Q would come with anti-collision technology, which would avert mishaps. It also comes with other features like blond spot detection, vehicle emergency stop, automatic break before collision, and a sturdy body that can withstand a lot of impact. Moreover, it offers a personal space within the pod like structure that makes travelling a very personal and intimate experience.

It is not clear yet if this design would ever be conceptualized and if it is, then how much it should cost. You could also take a look at 20 Car Concepts that we had written about sometime back. If you however are disabled and wouldn’t be able to drive or ride conventional vehicles, you could take a look at the 23 Wheelchair Mods and Designs. I really can’t wait till the Ing-Q is manufactured by a big company and brought to the consumer market.