Super Mario Characters with X-Men Powers

There’s quite a bit of crossover between comic geeks and video game geeks, but these images take that crossover quite literally. In these four fantastic images by DeviantART member basicnoir, which we first saw posted at TechEBlog, we see some of our favorite Super Mario Bros. characters crossed with some of our favorite X-Men. They work especially well due to the fact that Mario and his friends don’t really have any superpowers of their own, so there isn’t much conflict in the designs.

Mario Wolverine and Peach Jean Grey

Luigi Cyclops and Yoshi Rogue

Mario, of course, is first and the short plumber seems a perfect match for the diminutive-yet-powerful Wolverine. Mario is given some wild hair, stubble, and a set of adamantium claws sure to cut through even the most stubborn enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom. Enraptured by the rugged, clawed plumber, Peach sits off to the side, her blonde hair and pink dress swapped for the red mane and green/yellow palette of Jean Grey. The second image features Luigi as Cyclops, which is an interesting take. After all, Mario is typically the leader and Luigi the second banana, but I’m not going to argue against giving Luigi eye beams. More bizarre is the choice of Rogue for Yoshi’s X-Men persona; sure the design looks cool and all, but riding Yoshi may now prove troublesome (and deadly).

Donkey Kong Colossus and Diddy Nightcrawler

Toads as Angel and Jubilee

Donkey Kong’s massive body is now further strengthened by Colossus’ steel plates, so we should be thankful that the character has taken a heroic turn or Mario may have had a bit more trouble in the classic arcade game. Diddy Kong also appears, the more acrobatic of the Kongs taking on Nightcrawler’s powers. Last up are two Toads, and I have no idea if they have actual names or are just generic mushroom people. Whatever the case, Peach’s royal guard could certainly be strengthened by the likes of the little mushroom people enhanced with the superpowers of Angel and Jubilee. For even more fun Mario designs, make sure to check out the Super Mario Galaxy Cake and this Steamboat Willie-styled Mario.