The Future of Flying: See-Through Planes

These days, flying can be quite the hassle with all of the security stations, and not to mention the sometimes rude men and woman who have to check us in for our flights. What if this could all be remedied, and maybe even get a massage on our flights?

Prepping for Paris’ Air Show next week, designers have reviled designs for an airplane that they hope will revolutionize flight by increasing the amount of luxury that one can receive when flying for business or leisure.

The plane takes on the image of a bird, trying to make the most of the small space, but also trying to increase the aerodynamics and reduce the drag dramaticly of the plane. The creators also want to rid planes of the class system, where there is a first class and coach seating. Rather, they would like to implement a system where as you approach the plane, you place your hand on a door and the plane recognizes you, shows you to your seat, and also takes car of your luggage! How impressive is that!?

From here, the passengers are allowed to choose between a “Smart Tech” or a “Vitalizing” zone on the plane to sit in. The Smart Tech zone offers seats with variable pitch and swivel, as well as automorphing around the passengers body for optimum comfort. Along with these impressive seats, they will also harvest your body’s heat and use it to power various things around the plane.

The front of the plane is the Vitalizing zone of the plane, also know as the “Relaxing Zone.” In this area, the seats also automorph, but give out the option for massage and acupuncture as well. This section also offers a panoramic roof, where passengers can choose to activate an option in order to “live the panorama which they are flying.”

This conecpt for a plane is astounding and something that would really take the aviation industry in another direction. Could you imagine being able to completely relax after being hustled and patted down by security? That would be the ideal flight, if you ask me. Check out the video below for all the awesome visuals and details!

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