InkCase Plus: A modular e-ink screen for Android

Google offers several books users can buy, access and read on Android devices, but the real question is “would you want to”? Surprisingly, the answer is “yes, yes I would” from now on.

E-Ink-Screen-Case 1

Reading eBooks on a high-end phone, while handy and practical, does take a toll on both users and phone. First of all, it consumes battery like crazy, but second and more important, it’s not really optimal to be staring at a lit screen while indulging in the pleasure of reading. That is why OAXIS are working on this E-Ink screen case deemed InkCase Plus, compatible with Android devices. The InkCase Plus is a modular e-Ink screen that attaches to your phone, and can run apps and display text without emitting light, just like a Kindle would. That is, the e-ink screen is not for eBooks only, and you can use it to browse the Internet or read e-mails while preserving your battery.

E-Ink-Screen-Case 2

InkCase Plus is currently not for sale, but its well underway and doing a fantastic campaign over at Kickstarter, where users get to crowd fund it and make it happen. As the creators explain, the biggest virtue of the InkCase comes when thinking about the energy it saves: “most of the text in emails, messages and news is in black and white. Therefore, we don’t need to turn on the power hungry colour LCD display. Turning on the phone’s main LCD generally consumes up to 50% of the smartphone battery during reading.” Lots of users could potentially benefit with this method for saving energy, whether they are reading eBooks or not. Check the video below the jump to learn more.

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