SoundSight HD Heapdhones Record Everything that’s Happening Around You

Thinking that headphones are meant exclusively for music playback is a misconception. That’s what the team that developed the SoundSight HD headphones wants to teach us.

These headphones can play sound just like any of its counterparts. Yet, it has some added functionality that’s hinted at in the very name of the product. More precisely, these headphones are capable of recording sound, and even video in full HD resolution at 30 fps, and in HD resolution at 60 fps.

In a press release, the creators of the SoundSight HD headphones unveiled some details about the product:

“Designed by Stephen Chase, WoodenShark & Idem Finland Oy (Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014). Soundsight is the world’s best smart headphones, giving users an unparalleled experience through wearable technology by combining sound, visuals and your senses through a headphone system for the first time.

The image quality, dynamic range, color depth and raw ability of Soundsight Headphones patent pending technology make the product an ideal device for organically capturing point of view motion pictures.”

The developers are anything but humble when describing their product, and even claim that it’s the world’s best smart headphones. Had they not included the word “smart,” I would’ve seriously doubted that claim, but in this situation, they might as well be right.

SoundSight HD headphones are smart in that they connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to iOS or Android devices.

The SoundSight HD headphones are currently available for pre-order on the team’s website, and for $349 they can be yours. Would you pay this much for an all-in-one device? Do you think the price is too steep for the added functionality? Let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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