Pzizz, The Insomnia Solution Android App [Hands-On Review]

Thousands of people lay in the beds every night, unable to drift off into the blissful area of sleep. Pzizz aims to help users by caressing them into this wonderful region that we all love so much.

The app has been around for quite some time for iOS devices and PC, and has recently been ported over to Android devices. With its help, over 500,000 people have found the helpful solution they needed to reach all the stages of sleep ever single night.

Upon starting the app, users are greeted with a man whose voice could soothe even the most uncomfortable of bodies. He aims to comfort you and tell you that his voice is there to help you relax and drift off. The first time I used the app, I could not help but feel that I was almost being hypnotized, as the man’s voice coupled with the soothing bells, waves, and other assortment of noises were incredibly relaxing. Once the app starts, it will play for you a starting sequence somewhere around five minutes long that is different, yet pretty consistent upon every use. The purpose of the segment it to completely relax your body, and if you really follow the app and allow it to work it’s magic, it’s amazing what this app can help you achieve; that blissful state that we call sleep. Real sleep.

From there, it’s a random assortment of noises and sounds that are different with every use. I found that the app seemed to work much better if I used it with my Bose headphones. While I am not certain, I am assuming that the app utilizes some high end frequencies that normal headphones cannot produce, nor my Droid X’s speakers. The Power Nap section of the app is great. I am normally someone who can never fall asleep when the sun is up, let alone even enjoy a nap. When I used the Power Nap, I was amazed at my results. Not only did I nap, but I really felt refreshed and even managed to wake up from it not feeling groggy or sleepy at all. With the “wake up” function enabled, the app will even give you a nice little re-entrance back to reality. Everything about this app is wonderful, and as someone who constantly deals with sleep problems, it certainly helped me. You can get the App for a very low price of $5 until the end of June as are special release price, so make sure to grab it quickly on the Android Market, or by scanning the QR Code below! For all other devices, make sure to check out the Official Pzizz Website to see if your device is able to download the Pzizz app!