Google Swiffy Converts Flash Files to HTML5

The newest version of the HTML language, HTML5 has many advantages over its predecessors. However, Flash authors have been finding it difficult to convert SWF files to HTML5.

Google has just announced its latest app called Swiffy, which is available at the Google Labs. The new experimental tool allows developers to convert .SWF files into HTML5 code that can be used on devices like iPhones and iPads. Flash 5 ActionScript specifications are supported by Swiffy and the resulting file can be used on all browsers that make use of Apple’s Webkit engine, which is an open-source code in itself.

Webkit engine powers the Safari browsers found on your iPhones, iPads and iPad Touchs. Google has also made available a detailed FAQ which answers every possible question about Swiffy, the problems one might encounter while using it, and how they can be overcome. In fact, the bigwigs at Adobe are pleased too, that Flash platform can now be extended to devices that do not support the Flash player.

In fact, no matter which version of HTML a device might be using, a developer could go to Swiffy and convert his Flash files to HTML5 and then use it appropriately in order to make rich Flash files compatible on them. One of the drawbacks could be that files that result from using Swiffy are slightly larger than the original. It is not yet available for the masses, but is available at Google Labs from where developers can use the experimental tool.

If you are a developer who uses Flash-based images and interactive ads, you could upload the .SWF file and convert it to HTML5 so that it can be used on Apple’s devices or other devices that do not support Flash. We had earlier written about a Flash browser that would work on devices that used iOS. You could also read about BlackBerry 7 OS, which supports enhanced HTML5 as well.