Instagram All Set to Allow Posting of Group Stories

Instagram is testing out a new feature that involves posting stories to specific groups. This came to light when the company’s researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, took to Twitter to share some screenshots. It looks like the option will be at the same place where you share your usual stories. But there’ll be an additional option to share the story with a specific group.


Instagram already has a ‘Close Friends’ feature which allows you to share stories with a specific set of people. This is more like an addition to that. The stories will be sent to a specific that you want to share it with. Imagine a scenario wherein you have a group of die-hard foodies and you’re at an exotic restaurant. Rather than sharing it with your whole friends’ list, you can simply share it with your group.

Facebook had this feature but shut it down merely nine months after its introduction. They are hoping to get better reception of the same feature on Instagram.

Instagram has had quite a few cool updates in the past few weeks. Honestly, the most exciting one among those updates is the dark mode. There’s no confirmation as to when it is coming out, but the latest Android beta build of the app had it. So, it must be coming out soon. There’s no toggle to switch between dark and light mode. But the app will use the theme that the system is using, meaning if your phone is in dark mode, the app will also be.

Instagram Threads

Another new and exciting addition is the new Threads app. It is a different app altogether with huge emphasis on privacy and close friends. The app is almost exactly like Snapchat with the ability to send short videos or photos to a select group of friends. People can also share statuses to let their friends know about their daily activities. Direct messages appear in Threads as well as on the app. You can download the app now for iOS and Android.

Let us know what you think about Instagram’s latest updates as well as their brand new app, Threads. Do you think they are relevant, with Snapchat having almost the same set of features? Or do you think with the larger user base, people will start switching over to Threads. Let us know in the comments below. I personally feel that it will hit the Snapchat user base.