Here is What the Patent for Microsoft VR Mat Reveals

Microsoft VR Mat patent reveals a number of features.

If you are a gamer, you would be pleased to learn that Microsoft has filed a patent for a virtual reality floor mat. The VR floor mat can actually be used alongside a gaming console. In other words, the VR mat could double up as a controller that is based in virtual reality technology. The patent seems to have been filed on the 2nd of April, 2018. It was only published on the 3rd of October and has been picked up by several blogs and news websites. Although VR mats aren’t anything new, Microsoft’s attempt surely looks very promising. 

Microsoft VR mat seems to be a competitive strategy

Microsoft has been battling to remain profitable in the gaming arena. This has forced the company to think of novel ideas that will help it to remain profitable. As most gaming companies are yet to launch a VR mat studded with features, Microsoft may find itself having an edge over its competitors. The latest VR mat patent seems to have a number of interesting features that other similar mats in the market do not. Let us take a look at what makes this patent so special, and what you can expect from the product when it is eventually manufactured and made available in the market. 

Here are some of the most important features of Microsoft’s VR mat:

  • The mat comes with haptic feedback, and vibrates in a number of situations. 
  • Pressure sensors quickly understand where you are, and how you are trying to interact with the game
  • Thanks to the interlocking tiles, you can adjust your play space easily
  • Fiducial markers help you to selectively enhance VR experience depending on the activity region
  • Microsoft intends its VR mat to be used alongside a number of products including the Xbox One and 360 consoles

Microsoft’s patent highlights virtual reality’s importance in gaming

Certainly, Microsoft is not planning to give up on its VR game. On the contrary, its latest patent indicates that the tech giant is here for the long haul. The VR mat patent also reveals just how important virtual reality space is today. Though it is unclear at the moment if this VR mat will ever be produced for consumers, we can be sure that it is a promising product. If you have dabbled with VR products and are into gaming, do let us know what you feel about Microsoft’s new VR mat patent. Are you excited about it as much as we are?