IntelliPaper Stores Your Data on Feeble USB Paper

In case common USB drives are not good enough for you, relying on IntelliPaper for giving away resumes or pamphlets may be the best option for you.

IntelliPaper wants to become the default way of sharing resumes and advertising materials. It is environment-friendly and can do whatever typical USB drives can do, but there are some major downsides to it. While the developers of IntelliPaper take us to the future by redefining the form factor of USB drives, they take us back in time in terms of storage capacity. More precisely, the IntelliPaper drives can hold between 8 and 32 MB of data, which is more than enough if you are planning to store only documents and low-res images.

The product may be great as part of greeting cards, visit cards, handbills and the like, but if USB drives are ever to evolve, this most likely is not the right direction. The strongest point of IntelliPaper is the form factor itself, which permits it to be easily attached to all types of correspondence and even to newspapers. However, judging by how much support this project got, some might say that printed media is heading to a totally different direction.

The developers of IntelliPaper advertise their product as being smart, disposable and wireless. I, for one, would agree only with the last two characteristics. No offense, but seeing that the developers have only raised around $6,400 out of the $300,000 goal with only 4 more days to go, I think most people did not think this project has any potential and regarded it with a wee bit of skepticism. I’m not sure about how things usually go on Indiegogo, but on KickStarter, whenever the developers of a concept with a lot of potential start raising funds, the goal is not only achieved, but also exceeded several times in just a few days.

The funding for IntelliPaper ends on December 23 on Indiegogo, and seeing that the project is so far from its goal, I have serious doubts about the future of the USB paper. Just in case anyone wants to fund this project, I guess it is good to know that $20 gets backers a greeting card including a paper USB flash drive with the files of choice. Not at last, I’m not sure what Microsoft would have to say about the name the developers chose for this concept.

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