Steampunk USB Cufflinks

After steampunk watches, USB cufflinks make their way into the fashion world. Considering the elegant design of these cufflinks, it is not a certain fact that they would go well with a geeky tie.

Steampunk USB Cufflinks

The cufflinks measure 16mm x 23mm x 9mm and come in a very stylish  hand carved walnut chassis, with sterling silver cufflink findings attached to the back. Each of the two unique cufflinks include a USB flash drive with a storage capacity of 8GB. As the image of James Bond pops to mind, this capacity would be enough for storing private information that a villain conceals from the world.

Steampunk Cufflinks

The steampunk mechanism of each cufflink is made from around 30 individual pieces, so there was a great amount of work done when assembling them. The designer mentions that the pieces come from watches that were damaged beyond repair. As seen in the pictures, the design differs between the two mechanism, fact that makes these cufflinks really unique. This way, it is easier to discern between the flash drives that is used for storing personal data and the one used at work. A blue activity LED enclosed in a metal ring lights up when data is copied to or from the flash drive. This particular detail may represent a downside for the ones who want to maintain stealth while copying data. Still, it adds up to the awesomeness of this device.

Steampunk USB Cufflinks

Only one pair of such steampunk cufflinks was manufactured and it got sold immediately for $225. At this price point, maybe the capacity should have been a bit higher, but on the other hand, the design is still breathtaking. The price also includes a display box and the packaging. Hopefully there will be more coming out, at more affordable prices.

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Via: Etsy / Engadget