With inTouch you will Never be out of Touch

Crossing over borders and going across oceans to pursue higher studies has become a very common feature now. Technology has changed the world’s perception towards distance. Being on a different side of the globe hardly makes much of a difference where distance and communication is concerned. But one thing does not change is the feeling and longing to be among family members. No matter how advanced technology becomes it cannot bring the homely feeling in a place other than home. At the most it can help bridge the gap by making it possible to be as closely in touch as possible.

Among all the other communication devices and means available there is yet another addition. It is still in the concept stage but a wonderful piece of design. It is called the inTouch and has been designed by industrial designer Shan Li. Aimed mainly at college students it is shaped like a cube it has a very appealing look to it. Not only is it good to look at but has everything that you would need to be in touch with your family.

Take a look at the long list of features that this small cube holds. It can arouse a desirable feeling in almost anyone who looks at it. There is a webcam, an LCD display and a touch screen. You not only get to hold a video chat but also have the facility to send a message, insert emoticons or even set up a reminder for a call. The reminder is definitely a cool feature as busy schedules usually make one lose track of time.

Every feature is well laid out on the sides of the cube. In fact the cube shape has been made full use of as every side is well utilized.  The sides have touch screens and LCD displays that act as screens for image display. Functioning of the cube is also fairly simple. It just takes a few shakes to start a video chat. If you want to leave a message you can shake it once again but in a different manner. Just as any other social networking site you can also update your photo here letting people take a look at your latest style.

Like any other electronic device of this age inTouch too has a USB charger that keeps your little cube charged up and helps you stay connected.

It is true that inTouch is still in the development stage and might be quite some time before it actually becomes a reality but there is no doubt that once a real product it will win accolades from all corners.

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