IM+ Video Coming to iPhone Soon

Having the ability to use video chat on whatever device you currently have with you appears to be all the rage these days and because of this, more and more apps are coming out with the ability to both hear and see whoever you are talking to.  IM+ appears to be the newest player in this game.

Just last week there were several announcements about different companies and products marching out the ability to have video chat inside their apps.  Facebook, while not having made the announcement yet, is rumored to be adding video chat to their insite friend chat, making a stride that could make the company all the more popular.  Skype has also announced that they are refining their online chat by bringing video chat to certain Android phones.  Now IM+, one of the top instant messaging apps in the Apple store is getting set to launch video chat on the iPhone and rumors say it will be made available sometime in the next week to 10 days.

Of course, instead of actually using IM +, the new application will be called IM + Video and the really big advantage of the app is that should you and your facebook friends all get the app you will be able to place free video calls to those people.  This also means there is a huge drawback to the tens of people who don’t use Facebook, or if you do use Facebook but want to call someone you have not friended yet.  Whether the rumblings of this particular app being released soon is because of the Facebook news or not, there will be some who will want to use both.  Because Facebook has yet to officially release, we don’t know how exactly Facebook’s suspected Skype integrated video chat will work.  It may turn out that IM + Video is the best video chat service out there, especially for those who love to chat with their Facebook friends because you will be guaranteed to use the iPhone in order to chat wherever you are while the Facebook video chat could be limited (at least at first) to only working using a desktop or laptop full browser version.