INTRO On-Ear Headphone Review

Meet the INTRO On-Ear Headphone, JLab’s newest headphone. When it comes to headphones quality sound is the most important feature. Of course a nice design and a good price are also a welcome feat, but there’s no doubt that clean, crisp sound is what we look for in a good set of headphones.

We got our hands on JLab’s newest headphones, INTRO On-Ear Headphone, and test it out, from the compact packaging to the sound quality we were surprised that these frugal set performs so well without the rock-star price tag.

new INTRO On-Ear Headphone

First Impression

The product comes in a nice clear packaging, which is always fun to see what you buy. We got the white set but these headphone are also available in black. From the first beat it was clear that these headphones are a bargain. The pair is light, easy to carry and super chic. The Eco Leather and Cloud Foam cushions makes the set extremely comfortable.

Features & Specifications You Should Know

When buying the INTRO headphone you’ll get JLab’s World-Class Service and One-Year Warranty. These headphone packs some more great features, such as:

  • Adjustable, Industrial-Grade Hinges
  • 360-Degree rotating cups which makes it easy to store the headphone
  • 45-Degree, Gold-Plated 3.5-mm Jack

new INTRO On-Ear Headphone2

Bottom Line

The guys over at JLab did a field test , they’ve put the new INTRO ear to ear in a blind headphone against Beats by Dre Solo Headphone which retails for about $200, 8 out of 10 people chose the INTRO based on sound quality and overall comfort. Sweet! The bottom line is that the INTRO on ear headphones are a great buy. If you are looking for a frugal choice these headphones will simply get the job done while saving you some bucks. With a price tag of $24.99, The INTRO On-Ear Headphone is definitely a “buy”.  

JLab Headphone Challenge: JLab INTRO vs Beats by Dre Solo HD from JLab Audio on Vimeo.