Touch DJ Evolution, iOS DJ App, Released

Touch DJ Evolution, an iOS app recently launched by Amidio, enables DJs to mix music on their portable Apple products, without carrying heavy mixing equipment.

Jordan Rudess, the keyboard player of progressive metal band Dream Theater, lists the iPod Touch and the iPad as part of both his studio equipment and his live rig. Therefore, it is not the first time an iOS app is used by musicians. Of course, the target audience of such apps is not represented in exclusivity by professional musicians. However, Touch DJ Evolution has a bit of a different purpose. When using a turntable and vinyl discs, DJs cannot sync the tracks accurately on the first try. This is only one of the tasks that this app can simplify dramatically. The app displays the tracks side by side and provides numerous controls and features that the DJs can use. One thing that Touch DJ Evolution does is to save DJs a lot of time, while allowing them to use a highly interactive method of mixing.

The features listed on the Touch DJ Evolution page in the Apple store include, but do not resume to:

  • 1-tap auto sync
  • Beatmaps and beat phase
  • Master tempo / Key lock
  • Record mix
  • Unlimited cue points
  • Quantized loops
  • 7 FX
  • iPod import
  • On-the-fly peak building and BPM detection
  • Auto EQ
  • Auto Crossfader
  • 5 Crates
  • 6-slot sampler
  • Party mode (Auto DJ)

While the app is free to try, using most of these features comes at a cost.  The trial version of the Touch DJ Evolution comes with 5 tracks that you can mix, as well as a limited number of features. Purchasing only a certain feature is possible, but the best deal is to buy the Premium Mode, which provides access to all of the features of Touch DJ Evolution. By doing so, you will get lifetime access to all existing and future features. The updates of this app may include new features, as stated by the developer. For example, the 1.1 version of Touch DJ Evolution, which will be available soon, comes with Beat Phase. This feature provides you a visual comparison between odd and even beats.

Many companies develop apps that focus on creativity, but not many manage to do it in the Amidio fashion. While helping DJs to save time on mixing the tracks, the app developer enables them to improve their skills by concentrating more on the creative aspect.

Early adopters of this app get a discount of 30 percent when registering for the Premium version of Touch DJ Evolution, which is normally priced at $9.99. The price is reasonable even without a discount, as many of the features are typically available only on very expensive hardware setups. Obviously, the app will work on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, giving the opportunity to all owners of portable Apple products, apart from MacBooks, to turn into professional DJs in a second. In addition to that, Seline HD and OMGuitar, two other apps developed by Amidio, have a special price now, to mark the launch of Touch DJ Evolution.

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