The Move: Function Meets Style for the Apple Geek

Hands free devices give you the option of using your gadgets without having to hold on to them all the time. What if your gadget itself becomes hands free? You must see The Move to believe it.

Designer Jonathan from Winnipeg, Australia has come up with an amazingly useful product that allows you to use your iPhone and iPad in one of the most convenient ways by simply putting it on! It is called The Move and can be attached to your clothing anywhere and the best part is that it has no straps. All that one can see on your clothing will be the screen of your device.

The iPhone and iPad have been two of the most popular devices created in their field. Anyone who has used the phone or the pad is sure to have got addicted to it. There is no product beyond these and that makes them the most loved possessions. No wonder an owner of an iPhone and iPad always carries them along. Carrying them along has become easier and trendier with the development of such devices.

Imagine all that you can do with one Move. You can place it on your chest and record real time video, place it on your arm while driving for easy navigation, go exploring a city with the Move on your arm, place it on your shoulder for hands free conversation, tack it anywhere on your dress and listen to music on the go and the list goes on. There is no end to the possibilities that the Move seems to offer. It appears like the iphone/ipad is part of your clothing and yet you do not damage your apparel one bit.

The question that arises here is that how does the Move work. It is a very simple thing since all that it contains is a case. All that you have to do is place the case under the clothing where you want to place the device. For example, if you want navigation instructions while driving or walking you might find it comfortable to place it on the inside of the wrist for quick reference. Place the case under the sleeve and over the sleeve place the iPhone or iPad. Gently push it into the case and there you have your device fixed on to your apparel. What keeps it in place is your clothing.

A simple day to day trick to create a tight fitting clasp put to use in a trendy situation. May be a small idea but with big uses.

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