iOS7 Revealed by Apple at WWDC 2013

Part of why Apple’s iPhones, iPods and iPads are so successful are their operating systems and now, Apple have revealed iOS7, the latest iteration of software.

iOS7 image

It’s not easy to create a massive cult-like following of fans and consumers, though Apple makes this feat look as easy as pie. While you could never pinpoint the sole reason that Apple’s gadgets have done so well, the company has always prided itself on quality and slickness over all else, with their iOS representing that perfectly. Always the utmost of perfection it’s no surprise that it’s so popular and at WWDC 2013, the tech giant announced iOS7, the next great Apple operating system.

The big thing with iOS7 that everyone has been talking about is just how much it borrows from the Android operating system. The most obvious instance of ‘idea borrowing’ is that iOS7 sports a control menu. Able to be accessed from the lock screen or form anywhere else on your phone or i-device, you can pull up the menu, using it as a clean and simple way to play music, switch on airplane mode, turn on your device’s flashlight or check other settings, without having to go into those individuals apps or dedicated locations. It’s handy considering how fiddly managing tasks on iOS was in the past, but Apple will have a hard time proving itself when Android did it first.

With iOS7, i-named gadgets are also set to become more efficient with Apple stating that the software will allow their devices to use less battery, particularly when multi-tasking. Too, efficiency has been ramped up in terms of photography, with iOS7 letting users more easily switch between App-supported camera modes such as that with the device’s native camera, Instagram or others that are on offer from the App Store. In turn, there’s a new photo app that creates ‘Moments’ to organise photo and their albums better. Siri is improved too, now with French and German language support, along with the option to choose between a male of female Siri voice. Then there’s also a more efficient Safari browser, said to be quicker and more responsive, along with Airdrop, allowing for easier transferring of files from iOS device to iOS device.

While the useful features are great, an iOS7 gimmick is getting headlines too with iOS7’s layout featuring a shimmery 3D-like effect. There’s now a depth to the home screen that seems to move as you move the phone, which, while rather unnecessary, is still very cool. Paired with the redesign of app icons, Apple’s headline operating system has never looked better.

Apple say that iOS7 will be out this Autumn but you can watch a video of iOS7 in action right now, below.

Source : TheNextWeb

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