Gamepop Console Enables You to Play iOS Games on the Telly

That might not sound very revolutionary, but considering that this gaming console runs on Android, we’re talking about real cross-platform gaming here.

Gamepop is brought to the world by Bluestacks, a developer I wrote about two years ago, when they launched a piece of software for Windows that enabled people to run Android games and apps on their PC. This time, Bluestacks imagined a different type of cross-platform gaming that, ironically, brings together two operating systems coming from long-time arch-enemies Google and Apple.

The console in question runs Android natively, but includes Looking Glass, which while not a traditional emulator, permits mimicking iOS APIs. Gamepop will fill the gap left by the inability to play iOS games on the TV set, so there should be no doubts concerning its popularity. Android users have had this opportunity for quite a while now via such consoles as OUYA and GameStick. However, unlike those two, which could used for free after purchasing them, Gamepop is subscription-based.

Users will have to pay $6.99 each month, but considering that Gamepop comes with $250 worth of paid games, it supposedly compensates for that. Bluestacks started taking pre-orders now, and the ones who’ll place one in June will get the console and one controller for free. When their console is shipped, their card will be charged with $6.99 for the first month and $9.95 for shipping to the US or $19.90 for international shipping. Otherwise, Gamepop and the controller cost $129, which for Apple fanatics is surely not a great amount to pay.

There is no contract, but should the users decide they don’t want the console anymore anytime in the first year, they will have to send it back along with the controller within 30 days from canceling, and pay $25 for restocking. If they decide to keep it, their card will be charged for $100, which is the early termination fee.


Additional details are available on the website. The ones wanting to put their hands on the Gamepop Android-powered console will have to wait till holiday season, as Bluestacks’ device is still in the development stage. Overall, Gamepop might look tempting for the ones who can’t find an Android alternative to their beloved iOS games. The specs of the console and other such details will probably be unveiled at the end of the year, when Bluestacks will launch Gamepop.

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