Creative, Colorful, Practical and Protective iPhone 4 Cases and Armband from NXE [Hands on Review]

There are a plethora of iPhone 4 cases released left and right, with each providing their own distinct push: security, low price, size, design and more. With the cases from NXE, the highlight is the color, practicality, protection and creativity.


iphone 4 cases nxe recline

The Recline iPhone 4 Case is a practical and simple case. Basically, it provides a thin and compact case with a kickstand that pulls out to set your iPhone 4 on. We really liked how the kickstand is part of the case, and not an additional piece that is added. This simply provides the added value without tacking on additional weight, and thickness. Moreover, it worked great within Landscape or Portrait modes, for viewing your videos or an upright FaceTime conversation. It is available for only $29.99.

iphone 4 cases nxe recline 2

The NXE Activesleeve is another practical addition, since it is used when exercising. It is actually a thin armband that is extremely lightweight, holds on tight and can accomodate an iPod Nano to an iPhone 4 (or anything in between). This makes it an armband that let’s you take your smartphone with you during your daily exercise.

smartphone armband activesleeve nxe 1

When pulling the ActiveSleeve on our arm, we noticed that along with the weight of the Smartphone, it felt as if it could slide down with heavy exercise. Fortunately, they have different sizes, so the tightness around your arm would hold it in place. Moreover, as habit would show, when running, our arms are bend and aren’t just falling to our sides, so it maintains the arm band right where we pulled it to. Lastly, during a number of exercises using the Active Sleeve, we weren’t bothered by the ArmBand or pained by the tightness. Overall, it is a great accessory for fit geeks, and for only $29.99, makes for an amazing addition.

smartphone armband activesleeve nxe 2

Creative and Colorful

The Colorslider is a great colorful iPhone 4 Case that allows you to be the designer and decision maker. With the thousands of customizability options (over 17,000), you can have a different iPhone 4 case every single day.

iphone 4 cases nxe colorslide

We personally loved the ability and simplicity combined. On the one hand, it is very colorful, but on the other, it is a rather minimalistic design, with only the 3 colorful bars (and 2 outside black pieces). One can customize its countries’ flag colors, keep the same color on all 3 bars or any other combo they feel fit.  great, colorful alternative priced at $34.99.

iphone 4 cases nxe colorslide 2


iphone 4 cases nxe ventura 2

Here we have the Ventura iPhone 4 Case, which is like 2 cases in one. Its base is with a protective inner gel, which wraps completely around the iPhone, to help shield it from certain hazards. In order to make it a bit more stylish, the outer shell clamps on, which along with the checkered design, fits right on top of the inner gel…making for a complete retro styled case.

The design is simply and great! We loved knowing that the inner part maintains its protection on our iPhone but at the same time, the outer shell gives a brand new retro look to our modern gadget. Also at $29.99, it is a cool looking case that will easily dazzle.

iphone 4 cases nxe ventura