Air Force One Sneaker Speakers

If you thought your pair of white-on-white Nike Air Forces were sweet, have a look at what Nashmoney did with his.Air Force Ones have been possibly one of the most iconic pair of shoes, and certainly is up there with the Adidas Classics with the three stripes, as well as Converse’s Chuck Taylors. I myself did have a pair of spotless white Air Force Ones a while ago, and while they wore out pretty quickly, I still loved them nonetheless. I just wish I had thought of something creative to do with them, like Alex Nash aka (Nashmoney) did.

Air Force One Speakers

Mounted on two pieces of wood specifically created to hang these sneakers, Nashmoney’s Air Force Ones double as a set of awesome speakers. The speakers themselves match the circular design of the bottom of the Air Force Ones, although it would’ve been perfect if the top speaker were aligned to where the original circular patterns were. Nonetheless, they serve as pretty radical conversation pieces, and were probably quite difficult to assemble. I can imagine that the speakers don’t fit too well in the bottom of the sneaker, and the wiring could’ve been quite a nuisance to drag in and out of the shoe.

Air Force One Speakers

It would’ve been sweet if these sneakers could be worn and attached to an iPod for portable use. While I’m sure they can be attached to an iPod, I’m not sure you can wear these speaker sneakers, as the speakers are located on the bottom of the shoe, which will be receiving most of the impact from walking on the ground. This will likely result in damaging the speaker. Nonetheless, it was a good thought while it lasted.

Air Force One Speakers

I love this macro shot of the Air Force One speakers, because they show so much detail. For example, the glowing red LED proves that there is power coursing through these shoes, and indicates that there is power running through it. I imagine this will be quite a useful feature, and comes standard on all speakers to indicate whether they are on or off.

If you’re interested in more of Alex Nash’s work, visit Nashmoney. If you liked this post, check out the Adidas Originals x Star Wars collection or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle designs.

Via: Freshome