Super Mario Brothers Themed Gamecube Mod

The Gamecube has never gotten much love, and now with the Wii, it’s practically forgotten. Thankfully, some one is still seeing the potential of the console, even if only for modding purposes.

Mario Gamecube

User Rev Guzman has taken a standard Gamecube and given it a Mario paint job. While extremely simple, it captures the colors brilliantly without adding anything too gaudy. It’s sleek and modern and the color scheme works well for the Gamecube. The paint job is done very well and looks like it could have been bought from Nintendo that way. The nice thing about this is that Guzman definitely put in a lot of time on this project, making sure that every angle of the console is immaculately colored from top to bottom.

Guzman could have gone much more detailed and added scenery or even some characters, but there’s something so appealing about the simplicity of the design that makes it classic. We could see different Mario Gamecubes as well: green for Luigi, pink for Princess Peach and even orange, green and white for Bowser. There’s a world of possibilities for customization and the cubed shape of the console, for some reason, makes this mod that much cooler looking.

Mario Gamecube closeup

While the Gamecube might be a relic of the not so distant past, it’s nice to see that people are still toying around with it. While there’s a lot of different paths Guzman could have taken, the vibrant colors and Mario logo get the idea across in an elegant way. If you’re ever bored one day and you have a Gamecube collecting dust, why not try out this mod?

Mario Gamecube Back

Mario Gamecube Top

Mario Gamecube Bottom

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