The iPhone 5 is Finally Here

After months of speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5. Like any other Apple product, this one is a big deal.

This is the first new model launched with CEO Tim Cook at the helm, without any input from the late Steve Jobs. Cook announced the device at a special media event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The new iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch Retina display, giving it a high-resolution screen similar to the new iPad and MacBook Pro introduced earlier this year. It’s lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4S, which it replaces. The iPhone 5 is powered by a new chip, the A6. It will also support 4G LTE networks on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Apple promises 8 hours of 3G talk time and LTE access, though battery life often differs under actual use.

iPhone 5

Other touches include an improved speaker and an upcoming miniature dock connector, dubbed “Lightning.”

It will be available on Sept. 21 in both black and white. The 16GB version will sell for $199, the 32 GB model will sell for $299 and the 64 GB model will sell for $399. Apple is dropping the price for the iPhone 4S to $99 and will give away the iPhone 4 if you sign a two-year contract.

These new features are exciting. The Retina display will allow for some cool new applications. Games should take advantage of it. Apple’s encroaching on territory held by Nintendo in mobile gaming.

Apple’s version of iOS 6 will arrive later in September. We covered the launch of iPhone 4S last year and paid tribute to Steve Jobs.

Source: Techcrunch