Comics 8 Mysterious Superhero Silhouettes

8 Mysterious Superhero Silhouettes

Making original superhero art is getting tougher and tougher, with the bank of ideas on how to present characters that everyone has seems to view in pretty much every possible way getting thinner and thinner.

But some people have different minds, and always come up with something new, or at least a new twist on an existing idea. Arian Noveir of France took his favorite (or simply the most popular) superheroes and gave them a silhouette treatment – making them look a bit more complicated with some sort of dark undertone than they usually do, using paint drops, splashing and brush strokes.


I’m not sure the artist meant it, but the big ink stain to the right of Batman’s head makes me think about how everything began for Bruce Wayne – His parents getting shot, their blood, the basis to him becoming Batman in the future.



Iron Man






I kinda thought he was Hawkman at my first glance, but no one actually cares about Hawkman these days.


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