AT&T Says iPhone 5 Is Coming September

Since the first generation iPhone, Apple has released each new revision during June or July’s WWDC. It became an annual affair which kept subscribers on a nice yearly schedule but 2011 is the first time Apple is breaking tradition by not announcing the iPhone 5 and instead focusing on iCloud, iOS 5 and OS 10.7. To add more fuel to the fire, AT&T is saying a fall launch for the iPhone 5 is likely.

Likely Fall Launch

A report from BGR says that AT&T is preparing for a September iPhone 5 launch.

“BGR has exclusively learned that AT&T has begun communicating launch plans internally for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5 handset. We have been told that AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations, to finish any sort of employee training as soon as possible. AT&T is asking managers to finish training in order to have employees available for the influx of foot traffic expected in September, a proven source has shared with us.”

The report is based off a reliable source close to BGR and lines up with other rumors that Apple and AT&T are both prepping additional employees for a fall iPhone 5 launch.

Why The iPhone 5 Could Come Fall

Apple has announced each new iPhone alongside a new version of iOS hence the WWDC only releases. It doesn’t make much sense to release new Hardware with an older OS especially when the newest version is just around the corner. However. Apple shied away from that slightly by releasing the iPad with a tablet specific version of iOS 3 and the iPhone on Verizon with iOS 4. Apple has publicly confirmed iOS 5 — which in their words is the most significant update to the OS since its inception — will be coming in the Fall which pegs its release around the annual iPod refresh.

It’s very likely Apple will release the iPhone 5 running iOS 5 considering one of the new feature in the mobile OS is being able to set up your device without the need for a computer.