Lego Fantasy Land at The Bronx Zoo

Zoos are places where we get a view of our favorite animals, even ones made out of Legos. The surroundings and habitats are created keeping in view the needs and requirements of animals which gives all viewers a pleasant experience. One of the largest metropolitan zoos of the United States is the Bronx Zoo situated in the Bronx borough of New York City.

The Bronx Zoo is spread over a vast area of 265 acres of park lands with the river Bronx flowing through it. Amid naturalist habitats lie a wide variety of animals all enjoying a safe and secure life. If you happen to visit Bronx sometime now, you will be amazed to see the wide variety of animals. In fact, you will be stunned to come across something very unusual and unseen as this zoo includes the Lego range of animals.


The thought of Lego animals might make you frown, but be assured that once you see them the frown is sure to turn to an expression of awe and amazement. This entire set of pixilated life size collection has been displayed in the Bronx zoo for all visitors. And these are not just a handful but a whole collection of animals and birds. The six feet giraffe is all impressive standing among green foliage almost ready to walk about whereas the mighty gorilla sits patiently watching every passerby. The tiger is complete with its stripes all set to pounce on the first prey that it comes across. The pelicans standing in water look out for their fishy meals while the impressive red octopus lies content in its aquarium.


The Lego safari is sure to arouse your creative instincts as well but for now the zoo authorities have only made provisions for children to satisfy their curiosity. Throughout the week there is a free-for-all Lego construction center made available for all children. Children can spend hours giving shape to their creativity. If that is not enough for your child you can access online guides hosted by Lego masters on the Bronx zoo website. In addition to that there are also detailed instructions of some of the displayed animal creations like the giraffe, tiger, gorilla etc.



Zoos have always been a favorite spot for visit for all children but this is one zoo type that was never seen before. Same goes for the Lego blocks. We have all enjoyed playing with Lego blocks but creations on such a massive scale were not thought of. It is just not meant to be for children alone. I am sure adults alike will enjoy it since it gives them a chance to relive their childhood. Entering this section of the Bronx Zoo is like stepping into a fantasy land. Enter this land before it vanishes. It gives you worth for every penny you will spend.


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