iPhone 6 comes in 2 sizes, and that’s a fantastic idea

Phone creators underestimate how important size is when it comes to picking a new device, but Apple is beggining to realize with their iPhone 6.


Apple plans to begin mass production of the iPhone 6, but in two versions that would be released simultaneously. These versions would differ on their size, having one the standard 4.7inch screen we’ve known for years, and the rumored larger 5.5inch the other. The rumor mill seemed to indicate they would release a few weeks apart, but a source from Bloomberg claims that both models will be out on the same day.

The one catch, though, is that being that the creation of the 5.5 version is more complex, stock may vary, and this second version could be significantly harder to get. The production is set to begin in July, which has made several experts predict a launch date for September 19th,

Source: Daily Record

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