iPhone-Friendly WTFJeans Are Water Repellant and Radiation-Proof

Not that many clothes are created with the accommodation of specific gadgets in mind, but between iPhones and the WTFJeans there seems to be a very tight connection.

Zagreb, Croatia-based startup WTFJeans launched their gadget-friendly trousers in 2010, so this product is not particularly new. However, the third version, which you can see below, brings new things to the table. After all, a company needs to reinvent itself and its products from time to time, if it wants to spark the interest of its customers.

The most interest feature of the new version of WTFJeans is surely represented by the nano-layer that repels water. On top of that, one pocket features a copper-based radiation shield which might protect your body from the radiation emitted by your smartphone, in case you believe such theories.

Pedja Puselja, the founder of the WTFJeans, expressed his disappointment towards other manufacturers of clothes that don’t focus on gadget-loving people: “I have no idea why the big brands aren’t doing this. As a gadget lover, I just want to improve the jeans — that’s why we’re adding all these features.”

In an interview with Mashable, Puselja admitted why he decided to make these jeans iPhone-friendly: “I’m an iPhone user, and I wanted to associate the WTFJeans brand primarily with the iPhone. Perhaps in the future we will consider other models, but for now we’re only officially supporting the iPhone.” Well, as an Android-lover, I must admit that I’m quite disappointed by Puselja’s approach, especially since his company is in mainland Europe, where Google’s mobile OS reigns supreme.

The situation of the initial WTFJeans is a bit uncertain, as after taking a lot of pre-orders, Puselja had his funds blocked by PayPal after breaching the payment processing company’s terms of service: “What’s done is done. We did what we could to refund each and every customer the first time around. This is a different company now; only the brand is the same. We don’t handle payments through PayPal anymore, and we’re certain the same issues will not happen again.”

Whoever wants a pair of iPhone-friendly radiation- and waterproof jeans should head over to WTFJeans.com, where a pair can be bought for 127 euros ($175).

P.S.: Mindy Beaumont-Champollion asked on Mashable how do you has something that repels water, and another commenter pointed out that the WTFJeans have an ugly design, so this product’s success is not exactly guaranteed.

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