Turn Your iPhone into a Holga Camera

If you have an iPhone, you might like to use Instagram to add cool vintage filters to your photos. But why use an app when you can use a special attachment to add a bunch of filters to your iPhone’s camera?This cool attachment comes to us from Incredible Things via Photojojo. For $30, you can get dial that lets you select nine different lenses, like the red, blue and green filters, as well as a kaleidoscope effect. You can select the lenses using a dial, like the kind on an old rotary phone. Who am I kidding? None of you have ever used a rotary phone, much less one that’s actually plugged into the wall. Now get off my lawn!

Holga iPhone lens

Holga iPhone filters

The best part is that this attachment uses optics instead of code. It even has a cool vintage look to it. You can even use a macro lens for awesome close-up shots.

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