The 21 Coolest iPhone and iPod Docks Available

If you love Apple enough to go crazy for whatever Steve Jobs brings to the market, a cool dock to pamper your iPhone/iPod is definitely in your must-buy list.

As to make up for Apple’s limited range of products, iPhone and iPod docks have been introduced in so many different designs, integrating different functions that can confuse even the most devoted Apple junkie. To help you choose a dock that best suits your style and purpose, Walyou has picked out 21 coolest iPhone and iPod docks you can find on the market.

iPod Bathroom Dock

In the spree of convergence, iCarta iPod Toilet Roll is an iPod dock that doubles as the last thing you would think of: a toilet paper roll. Intuitively designs, its 4 moisture free speakers allow you to listen to music while engaging in other tasks, which we prefer not to know, in the bathroom. The bath tissue holder can be folded to work like a stereo dock.

Sharper Image Clock Dock

True to its brand name, The Sharper Image has introduced one of the sharpest-looking iPhone/iPod docks you have ever seen. The dock features roman numerals for a clock around a circle, and your iPhone becomes the hands when docked in the middle. The device sells at $60.

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“Shelf” iPhone Dock

If you love your iPhone that much to incorporate it into your interior design, Finite Elemente’s Hohrizontal 51 is for you. In the shape of a shelf, the iPod/iPhone dock comes with all of the necessary ports to connect it to your home theater system and a remote control. The board can load up to 55 pounds, but the price is pretty loaded too: $600 for one.

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iPhone Dock for Harley

DashLink iPhone/iPod Docking Console is an creative accessory that combines the classic of your Harley Davidson with the trendiness of your Apple gadget. Basically a replaceable fuel tank with an integrated console for the iPhone and the iPod, the dock let you use the GPS Navigation Application enabled in the iPhone and listen to music or iTunes while riding. Priced at US $400, the DashLink Docking Station is available in three varied patterns – chrome, gloss black, and carbon fiber finish.

Kyle Buckner’s iPhone/iPod Artistic Dock

Featuring a built-in speaker along with four transducers, buttons to control volume and red LEDs to indicate when the power in on, Kyle Buckner’s iPhone dock design is not only a hi-tech gadget but also a stunning piece of artwork with elegant twists and sexy curves. It is handmade from materials like fiberglass, aluminum, wood and plastics and priced, stunningly, at $2599.

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Speakal iCrystal iPhone Dock

Sold at only $79.99,  Speakal iCrystal is probably the most beautiful iPhone dock you could find at that price range. The glowing ornamental accessory comes in 3 elegant colors of your choice: black, white, and red. It also has a 3.5mm input for use with PCs or other MP3 Players, and a remote control.

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Hello Kitty iPod Dock Speaker

This super uber cute Hello Kitty iPod dock might be just what you want to give your Apple-worshipping girl on her birthday. Resembling one of the most adorable Japanese carton character, the dock is fun to play with as you can caress Hello Kitty’s ears to turn down or up the volume. It features a pair of speakers 2.5W and a sub-woofer of 6W with 60Hz to 20KHz frequency response.

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Meccano Spyke Cell Robot iPhone/iPod Dock

If Hello Kitty is too girly for your own sake, how about polishing your manliness with this Meccano Spyke Cell Robot iPhone dock, coming with built-in stereo speakers. You can control the robot and your Apple gadget wirelessly via Bluetooth to change tunes, move the robot, take picture and send them back to your cell phone. You can bring the robot home easily with £159.99, around $ 252.

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Soulra Solar-Powered iPhone Dock

A great product for out-door music lovers from Elton, Soulra solar-powered iPhone dock is equipped with 11 W full-range speaker drivers for the best music experience while its solar panel will help you charge your device whenever the sun shines without desperately looking for an electricity socket when you are out. With weather resistant design, the solar powered iPhone dock is available at $200.

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Portable iPhone Stand with Charger

The best feature of this Appstand is its internal battery that can keep your iPhone at full charge for about 7.50 hours with only a 4 hour charge. The dock also incorporates two 1/2 watt speakers that ensure clarity of sound; and headphones in case you don’t want to disturb others. Measures at 6.5 inches in diameter and weighs about 2 pounds, the Appstand is a perfect portable dock to carry around.

Revo IKON iPhone Dock

Available at $461, Revo IKON iPhone Dock itself is almost as expensive as a brand new iPhone. The hi-tech dock, compatible with both iPhones and iPods, features a 3.5 inch TFT touch-screen display and an advanced Internet radio with built in WiFi and a LAN connections, giving you access to over 11,000 Internet radio stations. You can also stream music directly from your PC or Mac via WiFi. It also comes with an alarm clock.

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Edifier iF500 iPod/iPhone Dock

In the form of an all-in-one iPod/iPhone speaker dock with 5 driver speaker system, Edifier iF500 promises ‘unique’ vibration and resonance control technologies paired with low frequency porting and mid-range tuned cavities for ‘smoother cleaner audio’. The Edifier iF500 comes with line-in connectivity, compatible with other DAPs, PMPs. The dock will be yours at $300.

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Ozaki iUFO iPod/iPhone Dock

As its name suggests, Ozaki iUFO’s stylish design resembles that of a flying saucer. Its four speaker drivers can also swivel and rotate to deliver a smooth and clear sound. Also known as adjustable turntable docking system, iUFO is sold at $110 with a remote control that allow you to play with your iPod or iPhone from a far distance.

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Jibe iPhone Audio Dock

If you are looking for an outstanding iPhone audio dock but tired of lumpish speaker design, try your luck with this elegant audio dock from Jibe. The Sound Machine, as it is called, features Bluetooth, a USB port to sync your iPhone, and headphone jacks.

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Panasonic SC-SP100 iPod/iPhone Dock

Panasonic SC-SP100 iPod/iPhone Dock is distinct from myriad of iPhone/iPod docks out there by its unique look. It features 20W of speaker goodness that even includes a subwoofer, and allows you to update your Apple iGadget with the USB cable plugged in

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Sony ICF-CD3iP Clock Radio iPhone Dock

If you are backward enough to still use AM/FM radio and regular CD’s, Sony ICF-CD3iP Clock Radio iPhone Dock is for you. At a sweet price of only $99.99, the dock features a CD-R/W driver, a clock and a remote control.

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“iWake Up” Clock Radio Radio

Memorex’s iWake Up clock radio features AM/FM radio with alarm clock function, and is compatible with all iPhone and iPod products. It has a white backlit LCD display, snooze function, wireless remote and universal dock to power and charge all iPod devices, and SRS sound enhancement technology for optimal sound quality. It’s up for grab at $69.99.

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CVT i3101 Alarm Dock

The CVT i3101 media center alarm clock  is a slim wall-mounted digital alarm clock that you can dock your iPod or iPhone in. It incorporates FM radio to listen to music and an SD memory card to preload your media. The clock offers a bright 3.5? blue LED display and sleek touch controls to channel your media player.

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Dexim Dock

The Demin Dock station allow you to connect your iPhone to your television for better movie experience on a wider screen (up to 720i Resolution) and to stereo for better music quality. The practical dock comes with a remote control at $79.99.

Sparkz iPhone Dock Pico Projector

Sparkz iPhone dock pico projector is a mini-sized accessory that enables users to view videos straight from their Apple device.The dock incorporates built-in external stereo speakers premium audio experience. Supporting a host of other devices such as camcorders, gaming systems, DVD players, media players, laptops and computers, the dock offers 640 x 480 VGA and 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. It also comes with a tripod.

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Buffalo’s HDD Dualie iPhone Dock

The leading brand in HDD Buffalo has launched a two-slot iPhone dock that doubles as, of course, a 2.5 inch portable hard drive. Dubbed as Buffalo HDD Dualie, the device can charge your iPhone 3G S while supporting a Buffalo branded 500GB hard drive at the rear side. This device draws its power by a single USB 2.0 cable, which is compatible to both Mac and PC.