iPhone Cookies Enter the iPhone World

Available only in Japan but popular all over the world – this is exactly what is happening with the iPhone Cookies produced by Green Gables bakery in Japan.

Apple unveiled the iPhone before the world in January 2007. The response the phone got was overwhelming. Within one and half years time this smartphone was up for sale in almost 22 countries of the world. Ever since then, the demand for iPhones has gone up with its popularity increasing every single day. This can be gauged from the fact that time and again some iPhone fan in some corner of the world comes up with a product design inspired by the mobile handset: Not only tangible goods but also food products.

The iPhone Cookies are the latest entrant in the list of iPhone products. Though the cookies have existed for around two years, they were hidden from the world. In some corner of Japan a wife decided to get an iPhone shaped cookie baked for her loving husband. The Green Gables bakery granted her wish and the result was a life size rectangular cookie shaped exactly like the handset. Every single detail was taken into account. You can notice the small camera lens also marked out on the rear side. The front has been decorated with application icons.

The owner of the café, Kumiko Kudo, is a 44 year old lady who has produced this edible version of the phone. In a day, she produces 20 such cookies with each one priced at $33. Having been invited to meet Softbank President Masayoshi Son, Kudo offered him the cookies too.

It is quite surprising as to how this cookie could escape the eyes of the world for two whole years. Better late than never – the world has finally seen them and every iPhone admirer would like to get one of these. It is pity that it is not available in any other country but for Japan. Try to get in touch with the remotest acquaintance you have in the island country if you wish to get an iPhone Cookie.

The iPhone Cookie joins the list of several other iPhone versions that have been revealed time and again. We have been witness to the lovely cupcakes and cake designed to replicate the mobile handset. You can enjoy your iPhone snack on an iPhone Coffee Table with iPhone coasters to seat your dishes. Create your very own iPhone world.

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