iPhone Gas Stove Found In China

Don’t call it the real thing. Just call it the most unbelievable and hilarious Apply-fraud ever, an iPhone gas store.

Fake iPhone Gas Stove Image 1

As much as I would give Apple credit for making it – perhaps a newly discovered blueprint found in Steve Job’s file cabinet – no, what you’re seeing folks isn’t a new product under the iPhone umbrella. The iPhone gas stove found above in China and produced by Apple China Limited (I’m totally betting that’s not their real name), is one hundred percent fake.

I mean sure, the thought of Siri making me waffles is heavenly, but sadly this product is far from being up to Apple standard – since when did the company change the color to their logo to green? Plus, is it just me, or does this gas stove look like a torture device straight from a James Bond movie. Bond: Do you expect me to talk by pointing this stove at me? Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die… And perhaps make scrambled eggs later.

Fake iPhone Gas Stove Image 2

Weirdly enough (yeah, I know, we’ve already passed weird light-years ago,) 681 of these iPhone gas stoves weren’t nabbed off store shelves by the police in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province in China, because of their copyright infringing shenanigans, apparently that was the second offense on the list . Nope, they were snatched up because the units did not come with flame-out protection. You know, I heard if you press the “Home Button” down for more than two seconds it fixes that.

These kind of corrupt consumer goods aren’t rare for the country, of course. China, as forcibly as they try to crack down on such crimes, has been the home to some of the wildest of counterfeits out there, from fake Nintendo DSs and other Apple products, ala Macbook Airs. This one quirky appliance trying to bandwagon off the iPhone’s success, though, certainly takes the top spot in my book – takes it into far off universe and beyond.

Fake iPhone Gas Stove Image 3

Walyou’s passion for all things geek isn’t fake like this iPhone gas stove – nope, not at all. So you should keep it locked here and check out this cool demo of Air Guitar Hero or this Japanese robot that mirrors the movements of persons wearing virtual reality suits.