22 Awesome iPhone and iPod Docks Concepts, Designs and Mods

As Apple never stops surprising us with its creation, Apple accessory designers also join the race to bring to the market the most innovative products to pamper Apple lovers.

Just like the way we never know what Steve Jobs is conspiring, we never know what Apple complementary products are going to be introduced to the market. The only way to predict is through the conceptual designs published by the designers. Below is the list of the most innovative iPhone and iPod dock concepts collected from various sources. To provide you a better perspective, we also include the most awesome currently available iPhone/iPod designs and mods.

iAqua iPhone Dock Concept

This iAqua iPhone Dock concept will bring your iPhone a huge step ahead with its brilliant design by Mac Funamizu. It features a transparent touch screen display, a pair of speakers and a powerful built-in projector. The images from your iPhone are the projected from the stand and spilt on the floor. You can tilt the stand just like the way you title the faucet to choose the direction you want the images to display. The dock will let you play with the size of the images in the most fascinating way ever.

Snowflake Speaker iPhone Dock Concept

The snowflake iPhone dock concept from Sylvain Gerber is a glamorous one of the kind design that let you immense yourself in music with falling-down-from-the-sky quality.The guide lights that changes color with different types of sounds. All other electronics has been kept hidden on the back of the speakers’ base, making the unique construction neat and attractive for the aesthetics of any interior.

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iBra iPhone Dock Concept

Here comes an iPhone dock concept that will make you look forward to a sexy future both in term of the name and the design: iBra. Designed by Marco D’Arcangelo, the centre portion that docks the iPhone is flat and colored white, the two grey colored speakers are shaped like angel wings. With a full, bass-rich sound, iBra gives the listeners a heavenly auditory experience.

Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table-cum-iPod Dock

The pyramid shaped coffee table, doubled as an iPod dock, is a stunning combination of history and modernization from Stephane Thivend. Coined as Horus, it features a glass surface on the top with the portion of the pyramid sticking on the top as an iPod dock. The design lets you cultivate the amazing power of your iPhone/iPod as a music player, a clock while enjoying a cup a coffee on a sunny morning.

Stack ‘em Up iPhone Dock

The immaculate design by the Korean designer Sang-hoon Lee is not only neat and beautiful but also fun to play it as it allows you to stack stuff like Lego. You can add stacks of speaker, light, air-cleaner and then some more speakers, any configuration that suits your needs.

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Apollo iPhone Sound Dock Concept

Designed in the shape of a spaceship and aptly entitled Apollo, the iPhone sound dock features a speaker system of three potent speakers whose full Sonic immersion is powerful enough to bring you out into space. Measuring at 170 mm in height and 200 mm in the diameter of the dial on the bottom face, the dock is the most stylish, cool and clean looking speaker dock from the future.

Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car Headrest-Mounted iPhone Dock

The luxury brand for old successful businessmen Lexus seems to try to reach out to the young geeky generation with its new “F” sports car concept that comes with hi-tech features including a read seat headrest-mounted iPhone dock for audio, video entertainment and hopefully, iPhone charging as well. Also included in the new Lexus hybrid is storage in the rear seat armrests for small items  such as iPods, PDAs and other mobile phones.

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Star Wars Lego iPhone AT-Dock

As always, the best thing that can happen to a geek is a gadget which combines both Star Wars and Lego. Created by Chris Harrison, this fantastic iPhone dock was obviously inspired by the Star Wars AT-AT and AT-ST vehicles and is aptly named the AT-Dock.

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Rotating Lego iPhone Dock

This keyboard-lookalike iPhone dock was designed by Steve Combs entirely from black, white and gray Lego parts. The dock is rotatable which lets you see your iPhone in any mode while docked.

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Believe it or not, this amazing iPhone dock was created by an 11 year old son when his Dad asked him to make an iPhone stand with his Lego. Within 24 hours, the boy came up with this simple, elegant, yet useful and functional stand. Talented is still a humble word.

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iStation iPhone Dock

The combination of two most popular trends: PS3 and iPhone makes iStation the ultimate symbol of the young geeky generation. Fun3raL’s design will not only hold the phone but also let you charge, play, watch videos and listen to music in a proper position.

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Sega Dreamcast Controller iPhone Dock Mod

Jay Hauf with his creativity has transformed into a Sega Dreamcast Controller into a fantastic iPhone dock by placing the iPhone in a comfortable niche of the controller. Well, of course it’s not that simple, but it’s also not too complicated for a DIY project.

NES Controller iPhone Dock Mod

Using your game controller to make an iPhone dock is obviously trendy with another mod from NES controller. The cool thing is that even after being modded into a functional iPhone dock, your console can still be used to play game.

Duck Hunt NES Cartridge iPhone Dock

Another iPhone dock inspired by retro gaming, this mod doubles the old schooled Duck Hunt NES Cartridge as a cool iPhone dock.

iDonkey iPhone Kit

If you love classic games as much as trendy Apple toys, you will definitely love this miniature DIY Donkey Kong arcade machine that doubles up as an iPhone dock. It is made mostly out paper. However, it can only work with an iPhone without a protective casing which means you’ll need to dispatch your favorite flower cover before hooking it up.

iRetrophone Steampunk Dock

Add a bit of vintage to your beloved iPhone with this beautiful iRetrophone Steampunk Dock. In the shape of a steampunk retro phone by Scott Freeland, the dock is handcrafted from cold cast copper and half an inch thick of urethane resin and the base of the dock bears the Freeland Logo, signed personally by the artist himself.

Found Art iPhone Dock

Right, this seemingly boring industrial is actually a piece of art, from an unique school of art called found art. According to the creator BrightWall, the dock was made from electrical parts found in bins of old parts at a second hand hardware store. The rusty appearance of the dock is kind of cool when contrasted to the sleeky look  of your hi-tech iPhone/iPod.

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Handcrafted Wooden Automata iPhone Dock

This wooden Automata iPhone dock, handcrafted  by Murtaza Lakdawala, is not only artistic but also surprisingly flexible. You can easily rotate the iPhone from portrait to landscape mode just by rotating the lever at the base.

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Log iPhone Dock

Designer of this unique wooden dock must have practiced the motto “Simple is the best” to such a level that his creation looks just like a log. Made from real cedar wood, this iPhone/iPod dock is not only organic but also pretty fragrant.

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Custom Wood And Metal iPhone/iPod Docks

Made from wood and metal, this simply cool iPhone and iPod dock must have been created by someone with a great sense of aesthetics. You can choose from different wood and designs which include zebra wood, mahogany, walnut oak and burl wood.

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Moshi Moshi’s MMo3i iPhone Dock

Moshi Moshi MMo3i iPhone dock is one of the best examples of modern aesthetics with retro sensation. Designed by French designer David Turpin, the device resembles an old school telephone handset covered in a black or white high gloss texture. The MMo3i features a weighted recharging base a high quality speaker and mic, along with a Bluetooth headset on top.

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Handmade Colorful iPhone And iPod Dock

The pretty purple iPhone and iPod dock is designed and made out of MDF and brass. The outstanding paint job makes the dock look like a circular UFO with a high velocity. The exquisitely designed wooden ball is there to make your iPod or iPhone stand more steadily.

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Cardboard iPhone Dock

The iPhone itself is already expensive, and you save a lot from overpriced iPhone docks out there by making one on your own. The video above shows us how to use cardboard to make a cool iPhone dock.

Downloadable Paper iPhone Dock

This is the cheapest iPhone dock ever! You don’t even have to spend your heard earned money on cardboard. All you need to do is to visit this website, download the PDF template, print it out, fold it following the instruction and you have a unique iPhone dock. It can’t be simpler.

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Laser Cut Acrylic Scarps iPhone Stand

Bored of ubiquitous iPhone/iPod stands on the market, Tod Kurt used four pieces of laser cut acrylic straps to build a unique stand that seems to generate light on its own. One of the slices provides a channel for the cable to escape and the entire stand is held together by screws and nuts.

Barbie Executive Office Chair iPhone Dock

Your iPhone has been working hard for you everyday, and it’s time for it to rest on a comfortable chair. This pink Barbie VP Executive chair, repurposed as an iPod dock, not only makes a cool gadget for any Apple girl but also justifies iPhone’s power over other phones.

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Dinosaur iPhone Dock

Tired  of blonde Barbie girls, your iPhone has decided to move on to the next goal: to conquer the dinosaur! Rawr, this is probably the most intimidating dock you can make yourself. All you have to do is to cut a hole in a dinosaur toy, then to stuff the docking wire in there.

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