Sync Your Tablet With This Antiquated Custom iPad Holder

Old Time Computer merges craftsman quality woodwork and modern technology with its new iPad /iPhone/iPod Dock – Sync and Charging Station. Weirdly, the dock is more reminiscent of Pixar’s animated lamp character and Apple’s recent iMac than any antiquated furnishing.

The dock has a brass-painted, old-style lamp base with an adjustable arm attached to an oak cradle for the iPad. It has the usual charging mount resting on the cradle for input into your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The end of the included USB cable wraps around the adjustable arm and dangles below.

Etsy Old Time Computer's iPad Dock

Woodguy22 (owner of Old Time Computer) sell these items through Etsy and offers different custom finishes on the wood as well, including oak, hard maple, cherry and rusty metal (this last one may refer to the base and arm). Still, for $129 you could get something a lot more attractive, modern, and with more features….like, say, speakers?

While that thought may defeat the purpose, many of Woodguy22’s other dock products listed on his web site are a lot more endearing looking and less expensive. Take, for example, this iDock that even has a built-in hard drive bay. Okay, maybe it’s not any less expensive. Nevertheless, the lamp neck is an interesting idea. It would just be a lot cooler if it didn’t look so cheap and out of place. We’d also like to see the cord wired through the arm of the thing, like a real lamp.

All of these items are handcrafted and look like any wood shop hobbyist could make something just as decent looking. But why not pay Woodguy22 to do it for you? He also makes custom modifications to your iMacs and keyboards that look to be of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”.

Via: Etsy