Vyne: Hands-Free Comfort with Flexibility

The iPhone fan community is ever expanding. At regular intervals you come across some new accessory promising to make the iPhone experience a richer one. Consider the Vyne now. This is one accessory that helps you use your smartphone while at the same time have both hands free.

Hands free devices are available in plenty but you rarely come across one which allows you to make complete use of your phone and yet have both hands free. You can make calls, send messages, surf the net or use both the audio and visual feature of the phone. The Vyne promises to help you do all this.

As a child you must have come across a toy which was more like a flexible strap and could be shaped into any form. The same concept has been used here. A long flexible strap has been attached with a clamp at one end. A few twists here and some turns there and you end up with a desired shape. The clamp helps hold your phone in place. When pressed it opens up wide like the forceful jaws of the python and creates a firm grip on your phone. You could place your phone either in landscape or portrait layout.

Utility of the strap can be adjusted as per your requirements. You might just want to relax in your arm chair and still need to have your phone functioning. Twist and turn the strap and create an ‘S’ like form so that one side comfortably goes around your neck while the other end is in front of you. If you want it resting on the table, create a base shape of your choice and place the phone in the clamp. The strength of the strap can be gauged from the fact that even when you have your phone clipped in the clamp, the strap maintains its shape and position. This should give you enough assurance about the safety of your phone. As it can be easily coiled up it can comfortably fit into your bag.

Since the strap is made of elastomer, it carries with it the quality of flexibility and elasticity. This material is normally used for seals, adhesives and various molded flexible parts. Being used for the production of this hands free device – Vyne, they guarantee to bring about great comfort in the smartphone user’s world.

This patent awaiting design has been created by Clint Spencer and Ryan Eder and can be said to be one of the very smart designs for a smart phone. Use it as you wish to wherever you wish to.

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Via: Vyne