The iPhone Screen Enlarger

If one takes into consideration the public’s electronic industry, one may find that Apple has established itself as one of the chief players. They proved to be the rank players to have consistently come up with highly creative and fashionable and useful products. One of their major hits has been the iPhone, the history of which can be mapped out to the chief executive officer and founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs. He had long since taken a decision to probe into displays sensitive to touch so that the technology can be adopted in developing user friendly tablet computers.

Once Apple Inc. was done with developing the iPod and iTunes music store that functioned online, in 2005 they teamed up with Motorola. Hence, thus ROKR E1 was released. But this did not turn out the way Steve Jobs had expected. So this joint venture did not continue. Shortly, Apple started concentrating on bringing out a telecom gadget that played stills and videos. Finally, during January 2007 in a convention, Steve Jobs made the announcement about the iPhone.

Finally the iPhone was released as a tiny device with an innumerous capacity to contain any multimedia while at the same time functions as a normal cellphone supporting GSM services. Being internet enabled, the services comprise of browsing the web, e-mail, and wireless connectivity. An interactive touch screen allows the user to enter information through a virtual keyboard on the screen. But what is most interesting are the various applications that Apple comes up with that are supported only by the iPhone and probably the iPod touch. Since the iPhone includes a camera, and also media player similar to the iPod, it is great fun to watch videos and listen to music like you would on your iPod.

So, it was no doubt that iPhones topped the charts since phones with multimedia settings and wireless internet services were of great concern. But just imagine! Is it not always a bigger satisfaction gained when you watch something on a bigger screen and make the sound audible on better and louder speakers?

This is where Hammacher Schlemmer has used its wits in understanding the user’s tiny but important needs. It brings you the iPhone Screen Enlarger which is a perfect buddy to take along with your iPhone or iPod touch. It comes most useful when one wants to watch a video or if business group need to show the client a demo on a seven inch screen. It looks exactly like a netbook except for the keyboard part of it where the iPhone or iPod needs to be docked and can be accessed while watching on the screen. The screen makes available a view of the video in a resolution of 480×234 pixels. Two 1-watt speakers are in-built and the enlarger also contains headphone sockets if the user wants to listen to the audio in private. It consists of a rechargeable battery that comes along with the AC adapter, which acts well for almost two hours of playback time. At a price of $199.95, with a lifetime guarantee, the item works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch.

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